2x Philips Hue Richer Colours B22 BC White Colour Wireless Bulb (Twin)

2x Philip Hue Richer Colours
2x B22 White & Colour Ambience Smart Bulb (twin pack)
Brand New
Package contains: One TWIN pack (of 2 bulbs)
Your romantic dinners will never be the same with Philips Hue candles. Play with 16 million colours or choose a scene in the Philips Hue app to create your perfect romantic moment. Or use a favourite photo and relive that special moment with splashes of light. The candles have richer colours with deep green, cyan and blue for the best scene setting in your home. Save your favourite light settings and recall them whenever you want with the tap of a finger.

Sync with music and movies - extend your tv viewing experience to the whole room. Download one of the third-party apps and discover the amazing things you can do with Philips hue. Or sync light to your favourite music and enjoy every beat.

Light up your gaming - lift your gaming to the next level. Philips hue lights can sync to your games for an immersive gaming session. The lights respond to events in the game for an intense experience.


  • Compatible with multi-platform.
  • The app needed for use: yes.
  • Operates over mobile internet.
  • Operates over wi-fi.
  • Requires wireless router for use.
  • Controls lighting.
  • Sets schedules for devices.
  • Works with iPhone, iPad & Android

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